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Newburgh Crypts

Ontario : Stone Mills
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Creation Date: 6/11/2016
Last Updated: 6/11/2016

A pair of crypts from the late nineteenth century tucked neatly back in the still active Newburgh United Church Cemetery.

The Stickneys owned an iron mill in town, the remains of which can still be seen adjacent to this crypt on private property.

The Hinch name does not come up with respect to the N Hinch named on the crypt, but there is a village named Hinch a little to the north of Newburgh. There is also reference to a burial on "the Hinch Farm" on Lot 21 of concession 1, but the Meacham Atlas, published many years later, lists the property as being owned by the Pauls.

The Meacham Atlas lists the Scotts as owners of the land where this cemetery currently sits.

I could find little on Alex Clancy except for the fact he owned a number of lots in the Third Concession north of Newburgh. There were some marriage records for an Alex Clancy from the mid-1880s but, given the date on the crypt, Mr. Clancy would had to have been quite a remarkable person to have achieved this. Of course my wife often claims she married the dead, so, who knows...

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Address: 17-75 Earl St, Newburgh, ON K0K 2S0, Canada
Province: Ontario

Cerulean says:
6/12/2016 10:34:30 AM

Wow, cool find!

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