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Neighbour to #2767

Ontario : Caledon
Location #6183

Location Owner:Kenndruuh
Creation Date: 1/18/2013
Last Updated: 1/8/2014

Newly abandoned house, literally on the same property as location #2767, but since there are no pictures of it on there I thought it would be reasonable to make a new location for it.
Also made it for Full Members to protect both locations.
There wasn't a lot to this house. It's also very dark inside so it was hard to get any pictures. I will be going back soon to try and get some of the outside. :)

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property. To request this location be removed, Click Here.

Jan 4/14
Neighbour to #2767
Created on:1/8/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
14 photos
Neighbour to #2767
Created on:10/1/2013
Created by: DIIV
7 photos
Next Door
Neighbour to #2767
Created on:9/29/2013
Created by: TheGirlNextDoor
7 photos
Just a Few
Neighbour to #2767
Created on:1/18/2013
Created by: Kenndruuh
5 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Kenndruuh says:
10/20/2014 10:36:42 AM

@motleykiwi - They're working on the neighbour house too :(
Tired to visit on Thanksgiving and the excavator was pulling off the property.

Motleykiwi says:
10/18/2014 5:37:25 PM

This house is now demolished.

Kenndruuh says:
1/19/2013 9:17:02 AM

@Canadavey - I agree, it's too new to be interesting haha

canadavey says:
1/18/2013 6:35:26 PM

I find the house next door far more interesting. :)

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