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Migrant camp

Ontario : New Tecumseth
Location #3881

Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 1/18/2012
Last Updated: 7/29/2018

My assumption is that this was seasonal shelter for migrant workers. The accommodations are very rudimentary, a relic of a trailer, plywood shacks, and very few amenities. All the buildings have been vandalized and torn apart, now only housing various animal life. The largest of the structures sits atop sonotube legs with a steel rail frame, presumably to keep it dry in the spring thaw season.
There is a large metal gate at the road which has been cemented in place.
Hard to say the last time this place was used, but judging by the decay, it has been a number of years.
Harder to believe is the sad conditions in which these transient migrants had to live, when not out working the nearby fields in all weather conditions. This area is at the edge of a damp, mosquito-filled forest, not far from the flooding Nottawasaga River.

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houses long lost
Migrant camp
Created on:7/29/2018
Created by: qazpaz
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Sonotube Jungle
Migrant camp
Created on:2/7/2016
Created by: DogShapedBoy
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Migrant camp
Created on:6/8/2014
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Migrant camp
Created on:1/18/2012
Created by: timo explorer
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Province: Ontario

qazpaz says:
7/30/2018 3:44:33 PM

honestly amazing you managed to find this spot, i count barley find it, and i was looking at the GPS.

kaniko says:
2/22/2016 2:50:38 PM

I was here in the fall, some super sketchy people were hanging around. I pretended to look for my dog and high tailed it to the car.

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