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Michigan Central RR Stop Ruins

Ontario : Niagara on The Lake
Location #5814

Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 11/13/2012
Last Updated: 6/6/2018


Hidden in a dense forest next to a suburban neighbourhood in NOTL, one can find the remains of a long, gated rock wall and gazebo/resting area for passengers awaiting transportation on the Michigan Central Railway.

From the late 1800s to the mid-1900s this route was owned separately by Michigan Central Railway, New York Central Railroad, and the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. As an early railroad it transported passengers and freight to and from ports in Niagara-on-the-Lake, but the line ultimately was abandoned. In 1973, Regional Niagara acquired the railway bed from Niagara-on-the-Lake and removed the tracks.

Remains can be accessed by parking at N 43 14.092 W 79 04.311 and hiking north 700 m along the old rail-bed, or by parking at N 43 14.396 W 79 04.488 and entering the area via a sidewalk in between two houses.

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2018 site still going strong
Michigan Central RR Stop Ruins
Created on:6/6/2018
Created by: marcosphoto
3 photos
With all the Foliage
Michigan Central RR Stop Ruins
Created on:6/26/2013
Created by: Gameraider
7 photos
Missed My Stop
Michigan Central RR Stop Ruins
Created on:5/9/2013
Created by: The Duke
7 photos
Final Stop
Michigan Central RR Stop Ruins
Created on:5/8/2013
Created by: oldmann66
26 photos


Status: Abandoned
Category: Railway


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marcosphoto says:
6/6/2018 8:07:46 AM

Last posting here was 2013, site still running strong except for some thieves appear to have made away with the large steel gate and some other steel artifacts that I noticed in other photos posted here.

oldmann66 says:
5/9/2013 1:37:55 PM

yes you did miss me by a day Duke. Didn't make it to the most haunted house in N O T L did manage to stop by the Haunted Shoppe to see friend of ours that owns the shop and runs the haunted lantern walks in NOTL.

The Duke says:
5/9/2013 1:50:22 AM

Missed Oldmann66 by a day!

drunkenmunky420 says:
4/6/2013 9:23:34 PM

Nice find. Now I need to make a trip out to NOTL

timo explorer says:
11/15/2012 10:35:51 AM

Not much here, but I like it. Great history and photos.

trailblazer519 says:
11/14/2012 12:19:08 PM

Great pics gs and interesting place...on my long to-do list.

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