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Mercedes Tricycle

Ontario : Hastings County
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Location Owner:fiso
Creation Date: 8/19/2015
Last Updated: 3/10/2018

Abandoned garage/general store at a cross roads on Hwy 62. Spider webs everywhere. Oh, and observant neighbours. We weren't chased away, but it was clear "going in" was going to be unwelcome. I am profoundly surprised this site is not already on here. Hopefully, the next person has better success than us. Access looked do-able.

****From bandi, January, 2019 *****************

This was a large home with a, and was actually the hotel in Bannockburn, run by James Maitland when it was originally built nearly 200 years ago. The property was basically a day's horse ride from Belleville, and a day's horse ride to Bancroft. After exploring, I did some research and found the current owner, who was alive and well. I never did contact him but it was so odd seeing so many personal items being left behind.

Unfortunately the house was burned to the ground by an arsonist in early 2018.

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Status: Arson | Category: Commercial

Maitland House
Mercedes Tricycle
Created on:1/21/2019
Created by: bandi
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March 2018
Mercedes Tricycle
Created on:3/1/2018
Created by: hailey55439
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Aug 2015
Mercedes Tricycle
Created on:8/19/2015
Created by: fiso
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Address: 17245 Ontario 62, Eldorado, ON K0K 1Y0, Canada
Province: Ontario

KnightHawk says:
1/21/2019 3:02:56 PM

Whoever lived here seemed to be into some pretty dark stuff.

hailey55439 says:
3/11/2018 2:13:18 AM

also, i believe this was a house from all the belongings found inside

hailey55439 says:
3/11/2018 2:02:54 AM

they buried the mercedes behind a ton of insulation, i'm assuming to stop anyone from stealing it

hailey55439 says:
3/2/2018 11:02:16 AM

didn't see anyone on my visit, was only inside for maybe 5 minutes as my friends were waiting outside for me in the car, I plan on going back next week

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