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Melancthon (ghost town)

Ontario : Melancthon
Location #1375

Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 4/10/2010
Last Updated: 10/4/2018

James Beachell set foot in the Melancthon area in 1848 where he met poor roads and forest. He opened a tavern/hotel and in 1851 the first post office. He became the 1st reeve of the township. Soon there were 3 hotels, a blacksmith, and a carpenter/undertaker.

Brown became the postmaster in the 1850's. Deliveries were made on horseback from Melancthon to Dundalk, Markdale and Mulmer weekly (and later twice/week). He became the township clerk. Now the village could boast an Orange Hall, Grange Hall, school, churches, etc. The Anglican services were held at the Orange Hall and done by travelling ministers.

The Railway plans for the area brought more prosperity and with it a new hotel/store. The trains brought goods and liquor in 1870. Morey set up a liquor wholesale outfit and supplied the taverns.

A town hall was set up in 1874 when there were 4 taverns. 1876 saw a sawmill with homes built for the mill workers that lasted until 1900. A newer store was in place by the 1890's (which lasted as a store until 2000 and demolished in 2007).

WWI saw the decline of the village as the lumber supply was depleted. The post office stayed in business until 1969. The Old Gravel Cemetery was moved and jammed into its present spot when Hwy. 10 was widened. The railway lines were lifted in 1997. And in 2006 the government opened a huge wind farm on the former town site.

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fall through
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:10/4/2018
Created by: steve_h93
5 photos
Bare Bones
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:12/30/2017
Created by: archangela_of_doom
29 photos
christmas lights up
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:8/6/2017
Created by: Spacecowboyjj
8 photos
Little Green House
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:3/20/2016
Created by: meggieboo
13 photos
January 2016
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:1/9/2016
Created by: timo explorer
14 photos
Fragments Rerun
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:7/8/2015
Created by: TheGirlNextDoor
11 photos
Green House
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:6/29/2015
Created by: yukonsjoy
13 photos
Green House
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:6/29/2015
Created by: yukonsjoy
13 photos
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:4/14/2015
Created by: Kyle Fraser
13 photos
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:1/26/2015
Created by: chiller
16 photos
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:10/21/2014
Created by: white wolf
20 photos
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:8/30/2014
Created by: DogShapedBoy
10 photos
Dec 8/13
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:1/2/2014
Created by: Motleykiwi
15 photos
Update 2013
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:5/22/2013
Created by: DARKMAN
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All Interior
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:12/4/2012
Created by: Kenndruuh
24 photos
Old Green House
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:1/13/2011
Created by: timo explorer
4 photos
From farming to wind farming
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: clay70
5 photos
Melancthon (ghost town)
Created on:8/3/2006
Created by: TheGirlNextDoor
6 photos


Status: Abandoned
Category: Ghost Town


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chiller says:
1/8/2015 9:32:30 AM

Found this place on the way back from a photo shoot in Owen Sound. I had a feeling it had been discovered before. LOL. The only odd thing when I was there was the Cat that was hanging out in the barn. Loved the upstairs window and the view from the old kitchen.

white wolf says:
10/21/2014 2:03:24 PM

Interesting place to visit and photograph.Have to watch where you walk, especially on main floor ,as floor has several holes.Felt safer walking on floor on second level.Interesting window at end of hall on upstairs facing front of house.Want to go back again soon in future.Might attempt to go in basement next time

DogShapedBoy says:
8/30/2014 5:31:37 PM

My sister and fellow Urban Explorer had her engagement photos taken at this location. Very interesting house. Very soft floors, one of our group members had his foot go through the floor in the living room/ kitchen. Watch your step.

Nomad says:
3/19/2013 1:47:00 AM

I wish this place wasn't so far away from me. The name of the town, "Melancthon", is one of the variations of my last name, "Melanson". Chances are that the founder/s of this town were of Acadian decent. Thanks all for the images - I didn't know that this place existed.

Ian85 says:
6/20/2012 7:09:15 PM

Looks cool!

Adriana says:
4/11/2012 8:38:40 AM

We looked in the outbuilding, wasn't anything special.

doom vs says:
4/11/2012 8:37:42 AM

Nah, didn't bother with that. No light source really. Didn't check the outbuildings either.

Adriana says:
4/11/2012 8:35:42 AM

You went into the basement too?? Ah! You gotta watch yourself lol

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