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McIntosh Cemetery

Located in: North Glengarry
Location #11604

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Location Owner:fiso
Creation Date: 1/18/2015
Last Updated: 10/31/2018


McIntosh Family Cemetery, a pioneer cemetery (the sign even says so) located near Dalkeith. A young man named Alex Fraser wrote some descriptions on the Lonely Stones website so, rather than paraphrase (or, worse, plagiarize), I'll quote his work. The link to his information is provided in the External Links section. I seem to have missed one of the headstones - there was snow. I'll see if I can get back when it's less gustier to add an additional photo of it. From Mr. Fraser:

"This cemetery is located Just a few hundred feet north of the east end of the Lochinvar road, Concession 9 Lochiel, where it meets the road coming up from the 8th concession around the curve in the road that leads to the 7 Hills Road a few miles further north. From the gate on the west side of the road, the entrance is about 75 feet in off the road. The Cemetery is enclosed on 2 sides on the north & west by cedar trees. The cemetery is in size 8 yds X 14 yds. This cemetery is situated on the south end of Lot 14 in the 9th concesison (sic) of Lochiel."

The headstone transcriptions are Mr. Fraser's as well.

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Status: Historic Location
Category: Cemetery

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McIntosh Cemetery
McIntosh Cemetery
Created on:10/31/2018
Created by: Navi-Gatr
4 photos
Jan 2015
McIntosh Cemetery
Created on:1/18/2015
Created by: fiso
13 photos

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