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McCraney (ghost town)

Ontario : Algonquin Park
Location #846

Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 9/13/2009
Last Updated: 4/5/2010

A mill town called McCraney (aka "Rain Lake") was located in the township of the same name on the SW side of Algonquin Park on the south shore of Rain Lake. It had a sawmill, church/schoolhouse, Orange Lodge (the only one in the park), a boarding house and homes. In 1896 Booth's Railway came to the village and a station was erected. The village lasted on after the trees were depleted and became a touristy outpost until 1959 when the tracks were lifted for good. That was the end of the backwoods village deep in the forest.

To see a detailed map circa 1922 of the entire park check this link:

Anyone have more photos of remains and foundations? Please add a gallery.

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Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town



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WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/24/2012 7:03:06 PM

I've heard that McCraney was the site of the Brennan Co. sawmill. After the railway was completed though this area, Brennan relocated to here from near Tioga in Tossorontio, in Simcoe County.

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