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Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House

Located in: Caledon
Location #2513

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Location Owner:junglist
Creation Date: 3/24/2011
Last Updated: 5/4/2013

Found this house on mayfield and torbram when we went down the driveway and started taking pictures it felt strange and in the pictures we took we saw orbs and strange mist, and it was not smoke or breath. so strange we just took pictures from the outside. there is a house in the back of it, it looks like it might be used as a storage place or could b abandon, just cuz the power lines were cut and on the ground. very weird and strange place gave us all the creeps.

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March 17th, 2013
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:3/18/2013
Created by: NikiFM
22 photos
Spooky Old Farmhouse
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:1/14/2013
Created by: trailblazer519
38 photos
Creepy Vibes.
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:9/20/2012
Created by: Kenndruuh
10 photos
Creepy As Hell
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:9/9/2012
Created by: darklight13
7 photos
Strange Things Happening
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:2/26/2012
Created by: bigpaulsmall
14 photos
hidden house
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:1/8/2012
Created by: jeepers
17 photos
April '11
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:7/1/2011
Created by: sagetranq
13 photos
MARCH 2011
Mayfield/ Torbram Creepy House
Created on:3/24/2011
Created by: junglist
16 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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Kenndruuh says:
6/17/2013 9:22:55 AM

Gone gone gone. :(

junglist says:
1/5/2013 1:36:13 PM

i dont know for sure but i think this big house here is gone i know the silo is gone for sure

Kenndruuh says:
9/25/2012 8:18:38 AM

I've been here twice and I had quite the experience. Paranormal or not, some creepy stuff happened.
There's broken glass everywhere, garbage, the roof is falling in and there's a leak throughout the house. I'm almost 100 sure that it's abandoned due to a series of fires within the house. It's definitely worth checking out, at least once.

heath.e.charles says:
4/17/2012 11:39:04 PM

I went here today! I didnt find it that scary! I thought it was funny they was a paper posted saying that the place is under video survailence ... but there is no power running to the property.... The house is so nice. I dont understand why someone would leave a place like that, I would have bought it. My friend kept telling me she bet it was a drug house... I wounder what happend to it.

junglist says:
3/11/2012 11:53:14 PM

im glad everyone is enjoying this place im glad i found it :) :) :)

Derelict Compositions says:
3/9/2012 1:01:14 PM

Thanks "bitch" lol, just kidding. That is me looking throuhg the viewfinder of my camera. Terrible house for shadows.

Superbtch71 says:
3/9/2012 12:50:31 PM

Nice! pix #9 in the newest gallery has some interesting shadows :D

don says:
3/8/2012 9:18:44 PM

this place sure has gotten popular the last few months

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