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Marie's House

Located in: Penetanguishene
Location #5535

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Location Owner:shawno
Creation Date: 9/28/2012
Last Updated: 10/22/2012


Here is a little piece of abandonment right in the middle of Penetanguishene.

Story has it, Marie was the owner of quite a popular dress shop on main street of town (Hwy 93) down at the base of the hill; I am not sure of the side of road and I have no historical pictures of the store.. yet. I am still working to find information on the dress shop. This, however, was Marie and her husband house for years just behind Main st on Peel st. When asking the neighbor who has live in the area his whole life, he told me due to the popularity of the store Marie and her husband fell victim to the success of money and their addictions drove the business into the ground and the house fell into disrepair. Years later Marie passed away and her husband, now living in a care home, would come down everyday and sit on the porch guarding the house for many more years after that allowing the interior to disintegrated completely with all their belonging still inside. Finally, a few years back her husband passed away and was no longer able to guard all their worldly possessions leaving the old rocking chair on the porch empty forever. The owners of the house remain family, today, the 3 sister who live in the Toronto area are just "sitting" on the property. They cannot decide what to do with it so and the house needs to be removed before the property is really worth much.. Soo, she sits as testament to how fast a legacy can disappear and be forgotten.

P.s The chair was removed by looters along with any of the good furniture, jewelery and anything not ruined after her husband died. The neighbor said people are in and out all the time but he never says anything.

**UPDATE** House Caved in during the winter of 2013/14 due to excessive snow weight and was demolished the summer of 2014 along with garage. The owners were going to originally save the garage and then it caved in just at the end of the winter a few months after the house.
Now It Is A Beautiful Lawn LOL

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm

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Sex, Drugs n' Rock and Roll
Marie's House
Created on:10/21/2012
Created by: NikiFM
16 photos
Maries House
Marie's House
Created on:9/28/2012
Created by: shawno
14 photos

baileygirl says:
8/3/2019 10:30:59 PM

I know for fact that your facts are wrong. This house has nothing to do with Marie''s dress shop. There was at one time a Marie''s hair salon at the top of the main street and I am pretty sure this might have something to do with that.

shawno says:
9/28/2012 11:12:12 PM

In case anyone wonders when or if they visit there is a house on the back of the lot because the property was already subdivided about 10 years ago for money. They cut a path to the front with a lawn mower from the back so get to peel st from their house faster but they do not own the house. So the neighbor says...

punchbowl says:
9/28/2012 8:05:58 PM

Great story!! - but sad!!!! - thanks for these pics - you have kept this story alive!!!!

ground state says:
9/28/2012 7:40:02 PM

The main interior shot with the ironing board and hoarded junk everywhere is awesome!

Golson Moldon says:
9/28/2012 7:22:01 PM

Nice find and description. I will keep that one for a later visit,

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