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Madawaska Valley Shrine

Ontario : Renfrew County
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Location Owner:DoubleExposure
Creation Date: 10/29/2014
Last Updated: 10/30/2014

This site is a religious shrine located on the side of a large hill in the Madawaska Valley near Combermere Ontario. The site is marked by 3 large white wooden crosses about 30 feet in height. This shrine has been here for at least 2 decades and consists of a number crucifixes, rosaries and shrines to the Virgin Mary.
The Shrine seems to be associated with Polish Boy Scouts on Halfway Lake and the Lady of Czestochowa church on nearby Wadsworth Lake.
Access note: It is a 45 minute hike to get to the shrine. A trail starts at the end of Long Lake Road across from the former Gun Mountain Chateau. The trail goes up to Gun Lake and continues east from the eastern end of Gun Lake. The trail for the shrine splits off to the left from the main trail about 400m from the lake. The other end of the main trail can also be accessed from Vistula Road at the Eastern end of Halfway Lake.

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Province: Ontario

Northof49 says:
11/4/2014 10:41:35 AM

Great pics!

timo explorer says:
10/31/2014 9:15:28 PM

Well, there's something you don't see everyday. Very curious what the background story is here.

punchbowl says:
10/31/2014 4:08:23 PM

Great pictures!!!! very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

superss says:
10/30/2014 11:39:34 PM


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