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MacGregor Riverside Cabins

Ontario : Thunder Bay District
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Location Owner:GEM1982
Creation Date: 4/3/2017
Last Updated: 4/3/2017

I have seen the rooftops of these two cabins while driving past in the spring for many years. I was driving with my dogs and decided to take them for a walk up the old thickly grown-in driveway. The snow was hard-packed (my last attempt saw snow past my knees) and with some difficulty I managed to walk the 200m to the cabins. The cabins are in rough shape, badly damaged by vandals and the elements. The cabins are very simple single rooms with nothing left to identify the owner of the property. The two buildings are located about 10m back from the river, and the views are spectacular.
This site piqued my interest as there has been a recent proposal to turn the area to the east into a new residential dump site for the township.

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Recreational

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Address: Hwy 527, Unorganized Thunder Bay District, ON, Canada
Province: Ontario

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