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Lost cottage

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City: Gananoque
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Status: Abandoned
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Created By:Sandikv
Creation Date: 4/19/2017
Last Updated: 4/19/2017
We were ice fishing and wandering around taking photos when we came across this cottage, supported precariously on a hill.
The graffiti on the walls seems to indicate it was a secret teenage hangout through the 1980s. The last date we found was from 1991. I was there in 2012.

Lost cottage
Lost cottage
Created on:4/19/2017
Created by: Sandikv
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Address: South Lake, Leeds and the Thousand Islands, ON, Canada

rcouper 5/3/2017 7:59:20 PM

Nice find, interesting. With the warmer weather ~ should be more in the area.

timo explorer
timo explorer 4/20/2017 8:13:51 PM

Nice find.

electricfuneral 4/20/2017 12:23:38 AM

Cool place.

trailblazer519 4/19/2017 8:58:26 PM

Good one! Lost cabins in the woods are always a cool find..

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