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Losing Neighbourhood #2

Ontario : London
Location #11490

Location Owner:superss
Creation Date: 12/6/2014
Last Updated: 1/17/2015

This location reminds me of an early version of the "There Goes The Neighbourhood" location from Milton that was recently demolished. The block of homes on this very busy area of London will probably be a future home of apartments & town homes. Most of the homes are still occupied but a few aren't. The homes that have been vacated still look pristine & are most likely unknown to the scrappers & youth. For that reason I will leave this location as friends only. I assume time & winter snow falls will give these recent abandonments away.

I visited two of what I believe are three abandoned homes. After visiting the first 2 I was going to visit the 3rd, it was a little in the open & I think the house beside it is still occupied. As I approached I got the feeling that I had overstayed my welcome so I made a 180 & walked away & hit the road. So there is at least one yet to be explored. Eventually, the proposed apartments & town homes may eat up 13 of these homes.


The backyard of this house was huge. I felt a little in the open at this house I couldn't access the interior. Looking through the windows there may be squatters using this home, or maybe teens finding a place to party. The house looks very nice from the exterior & still looks nice inside, but there is a table & chairs set up & a mattress on a floor. I did get into the garage, it was a little dark but I may have found the squatters ride.

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Address: 1639 Richmond Street, London, ON N6G 2M9, Canada
Province: Ontario

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