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Longford Mills (Historic site)

Ontario : Ramara
Location #3225

Location Owner:timo explorer
Creation Date: 9/18/2011
Last Updated: 9/18/2011

Many assorted abandoned structures in the Longford Mills area. Some right at the main intersection, others along the road to the airport. All are very well boarded up and the OPP has regular patrols throughout these places, also beware the neighborhood watch.


For in-depth history of this village go to this link: on page 234..

The western section of this village by Lake St. John was a once-bustling community that became a ghost town. It is now almost totally forgotten. Maybe we can unearth the past.

There used to be a chemical plant (used in WW1), a large sawmill, a huge department store, workers' homes, a rugby field and the best indoor arena north of Toronto, where the famed Longford hockey team once played and ruled the ice...

Hopefully someone can get up to the area and get photos of the old foundations of all of these legendary sites...

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property. To request this location be removed, Click Here.


Status: Abandoned
Category: Ghost Town

Links: Longford History is Amazing (on page 234)..Enjoy the write-up and photos..


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WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/23/2012 10:44:24 PM

In 1867 Henry Sage of the Bell Ewart mills and owner of Black River timber, came with the idea of building the canal from the river to Lake St. John. In 1868 he formed a company with Bradford lumberman Thompson Smith and John Thomson. The canal opened in April 1869.

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/23/2012 10:35:20 PM

Longford Mills was established in 1868 by John Thomson of Orillia, after he purchased the Longford timber berth in Victoria County in 1867.

SaintSi1999 says:
3/29/2012 4:05:30 PM

That's alot of old stubby beer bottles!

clay70 says:
9/18/2011 9:05:06 PM

The lady at the Longford Post Office is quite sweet...

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