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Little Falls Bible Camp

Ontario : Thunder Bay District
Location #6040

Location Owner:sinkourswim
Creation Date: 12/27/2012
Last Updated: 12/27/2012

Another local goodie I didn't know anything about until just recently. The bad news is that the new owners are apparently going to tear it all down before the new year or shortly thereafter. This might not be true but I'd say you better check it all out ASAP just in case.

I have no idea how long this place has been sitting unused for, but according to my dad who went out here in '89 for a men's retreat with our then church said it was showing signs of much needed repair then. There are two sleeping lodges (one which is quite large), a couple of shacks, outhouses, sheds and a main lodge with a kitchen, dining room with fire place, chapel with chairs, and several bed rooms attached. Right behind the buildings is a slope downhill to a river with a dam/water fall, hence the name 'Little Falls'.

Unfortunately, as of some time in 2013 the property has been demolished and is nothing more than several piles of rubble.

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Status: Demolished | Category: Educational

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Address: 786 Pole Line Road, Thunder Bay
Province: Ontario

sinkourswim says:
12/2/2013 8:02:04 PM

This property has recently been domolished by the current owner. I was very sad to see it go, but happy that I got to see it twice.

Lady Morganna says:
12/28/2012 10:27:36 AM

Very, very, cool. So much to look at, I love remote places like this.

sinkourswim says:
12/28/2012 6:49:15 AM

It was freaking cold out there so I only stayed for about an hour.

No I didn't run into the owners. A facebook friend mentioned that it might be torn down soon. Hopefully not because I'd like to go back and film it this spring.

quiksilver says:
12/27/2012 11:05:17 PM

When I get back to tbay I think i'll go check this place out, looks pretty cool, good find

Scott Fraser says:
12/27/2012 10:09:42 PM

Yes, this is a great place to visit. Nice and quiet, you can spend hours looking. It's been abandoned for at least 15-16 years and who knows how long before that. The floor can be quite soft in places, so be careful ! Did you actually run into the new owners or was it just hear say?

ground state says:
12/27/2012 7:23:41 PM

A-one photography of the rooms grabbed my attention right away. So much to see in these pics. Grab a coffee and take your time with these!

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