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Letterkenny (ghost town)

Ontario : Renfrew County
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Letterkenny is another ghost town near to the Opeongo Road. This one is south of Brudenell at the old junction of the Addington and Peterson Colonization Roads. It was founded in the mid-1850's, but by the 1860's the farmers were leaving at an alarming rate. Settlers included: Hartwicks, Jessups, Pilgrims, and Welks. In 1877 John Gallagher opened the post office here. The store was run by William Haryett. The Watsons opened the saw and flour mill. By 1881 a Lutheran Church was erected. The population never topped 50 though.

By 1958 the post office closed for good. It was run 3 generations by the Gallaghers. Only the church, cemetery and few farms remain.

The area became infamous in the 1940's as Chicago gangster, Al Capone, had a hideaway cottage built here on the Letterkenny Rd. north of Quadeville. The ghost town became a little more ghastly than anyone would have expected.

To see photos of the inside of Al Capone's place go to the other link under Renfrew County.

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Province: Ontario

liz89 says:
2/28/2017 1:34:42 PM

I got pretend married in that church.

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