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Leslie's demise

Location #2648
City: Aurora
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:timo explorer
Creation Date: 4/27/2011
Last Updated: 7/28/2015
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**Demolished as of August 2011**

Found this old farm and house while out on patrol with local urban explorers. Not much left to the house. The floor is very soft, missing in some spots. Garbage lies strewn about everywhere. The grounds have recently been renovated by dozers, and I fear this house will soon be demolished before it has a chance of falling down on its own accord.

There is also a large barn on the property, which has been recently surrounded by chain-link, making it virtually inaccessible.

Use caution if visiting either structure, as neither is sound or safe.

This area was once known as the community of White Rose.

2012 Vist
Leslie's demise
Created on:7/28/2015
Created by: Drifting_pablo
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Before demo after locked up
Leslie's demise
Created on:3/4/2013
Created by: maureen e.
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White Rose
Leslie's demise
Created on:4/27/2011
Created by: timo explorer
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missdollanganger 1/14/2012 1:19:19 AM

wow this place is rough! did you feel safe in there?

timo explorer
timo explorer 8/6/2011 9:09:46 AM

This place is no more.

canadavey 8/5/2011 9:34:39 PM

The house and barn were demolished within the past two weeks.

clay70 4/27/2011 7:17:24 PM

Also the most musty smelling structure I have been in yet,,due to water damage of course..

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