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Left To Rot in Gibraltar

Ontario : Blue Mountains
Location #2283
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Status: Demolished
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Created By:urbanpanther
Creation Date: 1/16/2011
Last Updated: 11/4/2015

I was out for a drive a couple years ago and came across this house, It is empty I did not go inside as I was alone and new to this sort of thing....Easy entry closest neighbor is about a 2min drive.

October 2015
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:11/4/2015
Created by: aeb00
19 photos
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:8/26/2014
Created by: Fades_em
5 photos
July 2014
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:7/31/2014
Created by: timo explorer
37 photos
A Few
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:10/2/2012
Created by: shawno
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Rooms of Ruin
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:9/30/2012
Created by: mike6639
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Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:11/17/2011
Created by: suea
9 photos
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:10/20/2011
Created by: titalingus
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Left to rot
Left To Rot in Gibraltar
Created on:1/16/2011
Created by: urbanpanther
10 photos

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aeb00 8/29/2016 6:52:52 PM

It's probably demolished... but I don't think the coordinates were completely active either... it's actually the property over... you can still see it on satelite maps... it was very hidden from the road.

historicallycultural 8/29/2016 6:18:38 PM

Attempted to find this place today...Timo.... I think it has been demoloshed. Drove by 3 times with no luck. Where the coordinates are, stand 2 active houses

timo explorer
timo explorer 8/27/2016 10:26:55 PM

Almost certain this has been demolished, can anyone verify?

Golson Moldon
Golson Moldon 10/2/2012 9:36:39 AM

Location clean up completed. 3 seperate locations all merged into original posting.

mike6639 10/2/2012 7:40:27 AM

Same location as FM location #4517

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