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Large Mansion

Located in: Pelham
Location #14441

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Location Owner:OAP
Creation Date: 3/28/2017
Last Updated: 9/26/2018

A very large mansion which is said to have 3 kitchens. Lovely stained glass windows. They're currently salvaging material from the interior of the house. Several doors to try, all of which were locked on our attempt. This location is being created for sake of those who might be nearby and possibly gain access.

There was a POE at one point.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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    1 Week before demolition
    Large Mansion
    Created on:9/26/2018
    Created by: LivingGhost
    9 photos
    March 26, 2017
    Large Mansion
    Created on:3/28/2017
    Created by: OAP
    5 photos

    LivingGhost says:
    9/26/2018 11:48:51 AM

    Things such as the windows, chandelier in the foyer, and even the wind ornament on the roof were all stripped off and stored in the 3-car garage. I believe they were sold of to various collectors. There is a neat write-up about this place in the local museum.

    Motleykiwi says:
    2/18/2018 8:42:54 PM

    Sadly this place is gone now.

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