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Land Diver

Located in: Springwater Township
Location #5562

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Location Owner:shawno
Creation Date: 10/4/2012
Last Updated: 5/18/2015

Another old burned out farmstead at first but upon further exploration, yes, yes wait it is a another burned out old farmstead. At least we can document the demise of the barn, already looking very close to settling down. Quite a few of the main supporting beams including one of the corners have fallen off or become detached at the base and even in some cases have ended now suspended by the rest of the barn itself. The floor inside has fallen through in a few places and offers very little extra structural support.

The property has its fair share of the, traditional abandoned farm tire dumping, common to the pre recycling years of high cost tire disposal. The house or foundation has lots of charred wood in and around it as well as lots of stacked salvaged wood from either what was left or elsewhere and maybe at one time someone was going to rebuild. That said I don't ever remember seeing anyone living on the property in like 20 years or more.

So countdown the collapse..

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Barn


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May 2015
Land Diver
Created on:5/18/2015
Created by: aeb00
11 photos
Winter 15
Land Diver
Created on:2/14/2015
Created by: Bisecipher
10 photos
Still Some Life Left
Land Diver
Created on:10/4/2012
Created by: shawno
20 photos

Golson Moldon says:
10/5/2012 8:44:22 AM

Nice find. Really like the boat shots.

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