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Lake Simcoe Motel

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Created By:aeb00
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Creation Date: 12/3/2015
Last Updated: 8/20/2016
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This place has been abandoned in Barrie for quite a few years now.
It's all boarded up but you can see some of the windows have been broken and I'm sure vandals have found ways in from time to time. I could not find any POE at my recent visit however.

It's monitored and the property is kept up by the City of Barrie and has been on the chopping block for a couple years now sparking debates and pushing the City of Barrie to address the topic of demolition of vacant building.

I've attached a few links to articles if you're interested.

Lakeshore Motel
Lake Simcoe Motel
Created on:8/20/2016
Created by: apgurl85
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December 1015
Lake Simcoe Motel
Created on:12/3/2015
Created by: aeb00
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Gated Driveway | Sharp Objects (glass, etc.) |

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Address: 114 Blake Street, Barrie, ON, Canada

apgurl85 9/14/2016 3:27:42 AM

By the looks like it it just maybe....

Curious 8/28/2016 9:14:31 PM

Being Demolished

apgurl85 8/21/2016 11:33:01 AM

Sure is, just couldn't get more unfortunately as there were construction workers on the premises working.

fiso 12/4/2015 7:46:45 AM

Nice photos

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