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Lady in the Window

Ontario : Leeds and Thousand Islands
Location #2268

Location Owner:rcouper
Creation Date: 1/11/2011
Last Updated: 11/14/2013

Drive by & found this place ~ across the Tracks.
Entry Rd. snow covered & one set of ATV tracks.
Wil get back for a Closer look.
Top Window looks like a Lady in evening Dress???
Spooky. Looked at an enlargement & looks even more eerie.
Will be back.
Returned Nov.13.2013. Wind has not been kind ~ as this place has lost it's back wall & now crumbling.

Update February 2016 - Cherotica
I had really hoped to capture a few photos of this beauty in the snow last weekend. However upon arrival, it was nowhere to be found. The farmer directly across the road informed me that last summer, the property owner set it on fire as it was a safety hazard.

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Caught before collapse
Lady in the Window
Created on:4/19/2017
Created by: Sandikv
12 photos
Lady in the Window
Created on:11/14/2013
Created by: rcouper
17 photos
Haunted House
Lady in the Window
Created on:1/12/2011
Created by: cocainecowgirl
4 photos
Woodburn Rd.
Lady in the Window
Created on:1/11/2011
Created by: rcouper
5 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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charlemagne says:
9/6/2018 7:45:36 PM

wowww is this still here?? Anyone nearby able to update??

rcouper says:
4/20/2017 1:59:17 PM

It has been down for awhile. Was on a bad tilt and ready to fall.

airoberts says:
7/2/2011 11:13:53 PM

mirror is on the tracks so that vehicles trying to get out of driveways or farmers coming out of the fields can see if there are any trains approaching.

cocainecowgirl says:
2/22/2011 11:43:09 PM

LOL, just saw these comments now! LOL. yeah that's me in the reflection. That house gave me wicked vibes...freaked me right out. That and I was standing in 3 feet of snow!

rcouper says:
1/17/2011 4:53:52 AM

Clay - I know of this one here & one that is at the Train station in Gananoque.

clay70 says:
1/13/2011 4:07:35 PM

A mirror on the tracks? hmmm never heard of such an oddity..Hi Diane..

rcouper says:
1/13/2011 8:36:10 AM

Hey Clay ~ mirror on the train tracks. Probably for the conductors/engineers to see the length of the train. And that's Diane's reflection in the mirror.

clay70 says:
1/12/2011 5:04:16 PM

hey,, in the next gallery there really is a lady...but she is actually in a mirror..can someone explain? or is it a joke?

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