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L'Eglise Saint-Isidore

Located in: Prescott-Russell
Location #13770

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Location Owner:fiso
Creation Date: 8/1/2016
Last Updated: 8/1/2016

Built in 1879, L'Eglise Saint-Isidore suffered a catastrophic fire on the 23rd of July, 2016.

Preliminary reports indicate the fire, which started around 1600, may have been caused by a lightening strike as several thunderstorms has passed through the area at that time. Images of the fire, available through Google, show both how devastating and how intense this fire was. Fifty firefighters from five local volunteer departments responded and roughly 300 residents were evacuated as it remained unclear where the fire, which was in full force in the center of this small rural community, could be contained. Firefighter efforts were further challenged when a fire on a nearby farm (which consumed 54 cows) started shortly after this one, thus splitting their resources.

Future plans are still being discussed by parishioners. The nearby community of Fournier hosted the congregation for yesterday's celebrations.

What remains now is a stone shell, eerily reminiscent of St. Raphael's (about a 30 minute drive from here), surrounded by temporary fencing, demolition and stabilization equipment and small crowds of people both from this community and from its environs.

Apologies for the quality of the photos. Taken by phone as I really hadn't planned on doing this while we were out for a drive.

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Status: Closed
Category: Church


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    L'Eglise Saint-Isidore
    Created on:8/1/2016
    Created by: fiso
    3 photos
    July 2016
    L'Eglise Saint-Isidore
    Created on:8/1/2016
    Created by: fiso
    9 photos

    fiso says:
    8/1/2016 10:33:26 AM

    "Historic" photo credits to the Russell Fire Department and the Archdiocese of Ottawa. :-)

    timo explorer says:
    8/1/2016 9:30:53 AM

    Tragic. Could you include a historical pic to show how beautiful this church was before the fire?

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