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Kingsway Hotel

Located in: Greater Sudbury
Location #951

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Location Owner:davenitro31
Creation Date: 11/11/2009
Last Updated: 11/11/2009


This is the Kingsway apartments which used to be called the Kingsway hotel back in the 1960's when it was built. I will post more information on this site as i find it, but i do know it was closed by the Sudbury Fire Marshall for inadequate fire safety. Approx 34 units were in this building also a laundry mat and Boops Diner. There was also a used car dealership. The buildings pretty run down don't know if there going to fix it or tear it down.

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Status: Demolished
Category: Motel/Hotel

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Kingsway Hotel
Kingsway Hotel
Created on:6/22/2017
Created by: yodadude
8 photos
Kingsway Hotel
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: davenitro31
37 photos

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