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King St. Mystery

Ontario : King
Location #4010

Location Owner:don
Creation Date: 2/4/2012
Last Updated: 5/18/2012

Ok, so Im starting with this: This house gets a 10/10 on interesting, but also gets a 8/10 on the creepy factor. the entire house is filled with personal belongings. the front room of the house is FILLED with plants! This is where it gets creepy. it appears someone or some people have been LIVING here extremely recent. Timmy's cups and water bottles very clean and fresh. Also, for the weird part, the majority of lighting fixtures in the house all have NEW wires and Plugs. (My guess is, whoever was (or is) living here, has a small genny, and runs extension cords thru the house to light it up.

Reasonably fresh tire tracks in the driveway, some normal, but some are from a duley truck. At this time I remembered a few months back, while passing this place at night, I noticed something big, and white, with a massive light shining onto it. maybe someone was shooting a movie here? would explain alot anyways.

Keeping it as Full Member, due to the amout of items in the house, and their value as antiques.

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

Heebie jeebies
King St. Mystery
Created on:5/18/2012
Created by: maple
20 photos
Part 2
King St. Mystery
Created on:2/4/2012
Created by: don
13 photos
I always get the Weird ones...
King St. Mystery
Created on:2/4/2012
Created by: don
20 photos

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Address: King St. & Jane
Province: Ontario

miztee says:
2/8/2013 11:45:55 PM

It's a shame this one is demolished. Would have loved to have checked it out.

don says:
6/4/2012 12:26:44 PM

@ Rob, updated.

Golson Moldon says:
6/4/2012 6:42:45 AM

Don: If it's gone we can change the status and FM. Please confirm.

don says:
6/4/2012 5:47:54 AM

Drove by yesterday, this place got leveled, adding more to its mysterious story.

timekeeper says:
5/18/2012 11:58:48 AM

This place is cool!

don says:
5/18/2012 8:59:16 AM

It's changed since I was last there. Should go check out that script, lol

maple says:
5/18/2012 1:17:22 AM

Are we limited to 20 photo's per location? I thought it was 20 photo's per gallery but it won't let me put any photo's int he 2nd gallery I created!

maple says:
5/18/2012 12:24:17 AM

Was there a heavy chain locked to the floor in one of the bedrooms? The place is kinda creepy but nothing left there of any value. Your thoughts of a movie, I believe are correct. Would imagine it was a low budget movie, but a movie none the less. The script was sitting is full view on the kitchen table.

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