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Ontario : Muskoka
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Location Owner:Batgirl
Creation Date: 2/20/2013
Last Updated: 2/23/2013

I first visited this old house in 2009. It was badly vandalized even then, but the mill work and the windows were still quite striking, along with the curved staircase. There is a fantastic story behind the builder of this house. He was the cause of a very brief and unfruitful gold rush in Muskoka. He died in obscurity, but the family who took over his farm kept his stories and made some of their own. The old farm house was demolished in early 2012.

I have added a link to the story in the "links" section....

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Province: Ontario

Christine says:
8/12/2014 9:01:08 PM

I went to school with a person that was raised in this home. It was a very busy Turkey farm. Was torn down after a local man rode his bike to the house, and hung himself from a tree.

Batgirl says:
2/21/2013 2:39:09 PM

Thanks! I loved that place. It had an interesting feeling to it. It was a turkey farm for several years after the Stephens family sold out. It was even owned by Magna for a period in the late 80's. Now it is part of a defunct resort property and sits in a holding company. I wonder what motivated them after 25 years to tear the house down?

punchbowl says:
2/20/2013 7:42:43 PM

Yes another Ontario Farmhouse gone!! great trim work!! I enjoyed the pictures!!!

Golson Moldon says:
2/20/2013 6:37:07 PM

This is why we post old pictures of demolished buildings. Thanks.

clay70 says:
2/20/2013 5:33:59 PM

I recall this house...

doom vs says:
2/20/2013 4:37:42 PM

Yes...this was a special looking place. Glad someone at least documented it before it was erased.

OAP says:
2/20/2013 4:25:22 PM

This *was* on my to-see list for 2013.

trailblazer519 says:
2/20/2013 3:55:56 PM

Great looking house... too bad its gone. Thanks for sharing anyway.

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