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Kenilworth Farmhouse

Location #15109
City: Wellington North
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Status: Collapsed
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Created By:trailblazer519
Creation Date: 12/28/2017
Last Updated: 7/3/2019
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Long abandoned farmhouse north of Arthur, near Kenilworth.
The stairs to the upper floor are gone. There might be a way to climb up there in the warmer months. There's a few small shacks and a barn foundation. An explore in the warmer months would be more worthwhile. There's a few neighbours off in the distance, but I doubt anyone would care that you're here..

Kenilworth Farmhouse
Created on:7/3/2019
Created by: timo explorer
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-17°c Explore
Kenilworth Farmhouse
Created on:12/29/2017
Created by: trailblazer519
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Address: 7802-8000 Sideroad 8 E, Kenilworth, ON N0G 2E0, Canada

fiso 12/30/2017 8:58:20 AM

Nice one Blazer. Brrrrr.

trailblazer519 12/30/2017 12:13:25 AM

One of my shortest explores. 15 mins was enough that day..

timo explorer
timo explorer 12/29/2017 8:12:35 PM

Nice find, so cold.

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