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Johnson Road Cemetery

Located in: Brant County
Location #3725

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Location Owner:SuperSonic
Creation Date: 1/2/2012
Last Updated: 6/9/2017


The cemetery is located at the overpass of Johnson Road and Hwy 403. A few years ago the site was rezoned to allow an expansion to the cemetery, but this has not happened. Mobileworks adds: There is sort of a path and probably .75km.[ GPS CORRECTED ] Took me a while as a few very old surveyor stakes where keeping me in the wrong place. I wonder if there is still a Johnson on Johnson Rd. to take care of this. Some tall headstones have toppled and a very crude fence around . Very overgrown with ticks. No exposed skin here. About a dozen or so. Wear light clothing. Very rough with big holes around. I managed to capture a shooting star , that looked like a plane on the small led screen but not during editing.

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery

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    Johnson On Johnson
    Johnson Road Cemetery
    Created on:6/9/2017
    Created by: mobileworks
    34 photos
    2010 Visit
    Johnson Road Cemetery
    Created on:2/8/2012
    Created by: riddimryder
    3 photos

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