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Huffman Cemetery

Ontario : Stone Mills
Location #12295

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Creation Date: 6/28/2015
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Huffman family cemetery south of Moscow, Ontario and directly across from the currently active Moscow United Church cemetery. There are five headstones. Deaths were:

Cyrenius Huffman (1878)
Eva Huffman (1920)
Philip Huffman (1883)
Four children between 1886 and 1884 (ages between 4 months and 18 yrs)
Sidney and Jane Huffman (1885 for one of them)
Two headstones destroyed or otherwise unreadable.

The Township of Stone Mills identifies this cemetery as abandoned, "closed to further burials" being the official status. The lawn was partially tended, so, someone is taking care of this.

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Status: Abandoned | Category: Cemetery

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Address: 3681 Lennox and Addington 6, Yarker, ON K0K 3N0, Canada
Province: Ontario

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