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Howland Junction

Ontario : Haliburton County
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Created By:timo explorer
Creation Date: 7/27/2011
Last Updated: 2/12/2012

Once a whistle stop on the Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway, this small village also housed a roundhouse to transfer train cars from the main CNR line to the I.B.&O. line.

Further research shows that parts of the original trestle bridge over Kendrick Creek is still in place a little north of this settlement. Also, the remnants of the roundtable can still be found in the woods, near the station.

Status: Abandoned | Category: Railway

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Address: Today the railbed is now part of the Victoria Rail Trail.
Province: Ontario

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/28/2012 10:02:50 PM

Messrs. Spears & Lauder operated a sawmill at Wilberforce from 1904. After IB&O was taken over by CNoR, Lauder, Spears and Howland built the Key Valley Railway in the Parry Sound District. The end of one story is the start of the next.

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/28/2012 9:43:46 PM

IB&O railway was built by Charles Pusey and Howland Jct. was named for his son-in-law Lucien B. Howland, Manager of the railway until it was taken over by Canadian Northern.

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/28/2012 9:36:52 PM

I don't think there was ever an enginehouse there, but there was a turntable. IB&O was taken over by Canadian Northern Railway in 1913, while the Victoria Railway was owned by Grand Trunk. It all came under Canadian National after 1921, but until then they were two independent railways.

clay70 says:
8/1/2011 11:23:38 PM

Gotta love this lonely former flagstop...Too bad the others on the IBO are all gone..

timo explorer says:
7/28/2011 3:12:04 PM

the roundtable is there, such as it is, mostly just a hollow in the ground with some rotting timbers along one edge. You can sort of make out where it was, but not much to see.

don says:
7/27/2011 11:32:43 PM

is the old roundtable accessible from the trail? I got an itch to check that out.

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