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House on Boundary Road

Located in: Ottawa
Location #2416

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Location Owner:tfavretto
Creation Date: 2/19/2011
Last Updated: 10/11/2014


This house is tough to see from the road, as it's located pretty far back from the highway, in the middle of a corn field.

Nice century Farm house and land.

Lots of old trucks and an old late 80's Ford Van all locked up sitting beside barn. Lots of engines and transmission and lots and lots of tires inside the old barn witch is falling. Great place to visit, lots of nice pictures to be token!

Warning, owner of land lives on the farm on the same side of the road as this property, just passed this place, I did get caught by him, he seemed like a pretty nice man, but he warned me never to return, as next time he will call the police. Because of this, I did not have the chance to explore inside the house, I only had time to take a pic as I was leaving. He showed up on his tractor, he was dropping off wagons in the corn fields.

Note: He does keep a big steel cable hanging across the entrance, so entrance with a vehicle is impossible when it is up. I drove in as it was harvesting season, and he drops it down for a few weeks while he works his fields.
Oct 2014 - fiso:
Cable's still up. Wife and I managed to climb over it. Cool place that is not long for this world. Virtually no floors left to speak of. South west second story has joined the first.

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Status: Collapsed
Category: House or Farm

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    April 2015
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:3/25/2016
    Created by: guil3433
    5 photos
    Oct 2014
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:10/11/2014
    Created by: fiso
    19 photos
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:3/4/2014
    Created by: RealmStar
    2 photos
    2nd Visit, busted
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:12/28/2011
    Created by: jon
    12 photos
    First visit
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:12/28/2011
    Created by: jon
    9 photos
    February 22nd 2011
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:2/27/2011
    Created by: xeon06
    20 photos
    House on Boundary Road
    House on Boundary Road
    Created on:2/19/2011
    Created by: tfavretto
    2 photos

    fiso says:
    2/20/2018 3:27:15 PM

    This has, officially, collapsed.

    punchbowl says:
    12/29/2011 3:01:16 PM

    Great pictures!! another farm gone & forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!

    jon says:
    10/2/2011 10:03:01 PM

    Is that white Ford van still there? I wanted to go this weekend, but it rained.

    xeon06 says:
    2/27/2011 6:59:10 PM

    There is a lot more to it than the house. There is also a barn behind with a lot of abandonned cars around and a huge bird nest in it. Oh and the main house has a room with like 3-4 stop signs, just sitting in there.

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