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Hopkins Tomb

Located in: Wainfleet
Location #13146

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Location Owner:iii SparTanic
Creation Date: 2/2/2016
Last Updated: 6/2/2016

On October 12th 1899, a "wealthy local merchant", died. His name was Samuel Hopkins. Some resources suggest he wasn't totally legitimate In his day to day business. This is a tomb most of the older users of this site should recognize. I may be only 18 , but even I know the legend of this masoleum. The short version is , the man, Samuel Hopkins , died and he was buried here. Thing is he was buried in the cemetery until the construction of his tomb was complete. He was then disinterred, and re-buried in the tomb. The theory around this haunting is his ghost/spirit never caught up to his body during the moving, causing it to stick around. Something i have not yet tried, according to a few sources/websites, if you run around the tomb 6 times and then knock on the door a few times, noises and rumbling can be heard inside the tomb. It is also interesting to know, that on march 21st, the spring equinox, it is said that the ghost of Mr Hopkins can be seen walking around the outside of the tomb. I havent tried any of those two things myself, but according to most people I've talked to, the grounds keeper chases everyone off the property before they have a chance to see the ghost. Also this where on Halloween night, more than few of you Im sure, have dared someone or been dared to spend the night in the tomb. Interesting stuff here. I didn't see a POE, the door looked pretty sturdy. I'm comteplating asking the grounds keeper permission to allow me to get pictures of the inside and also stay around on the night of the spring equinox. Will update after I talk to him.

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Status: Historic Location
Category: Cemetery



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    Inside the Tomb (Kinda)
    Hopkins Tomb
    Created on:6/2/2016
    Created by: Mikeybee85
    3 photos
    Feb 2 2016
    Hopkins Tomb
    Created on:2/2/2016
    Created by: iii SparTanic
    14 photos

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