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Homestead Flames

Ontario : Hamilton
Location #9761

Location Owner:oldmann66
Creation Date: 10/7/2013
Last Updated: 10/8/2013

Just your basic two story dwelling that is up for sale. Do not know any history or info on the house pass it every day on my way to work and decided to finally stop and check it out. Outside of house would require extensive renos if it was purchased. Small storage shed in back of house and a back of a cube van for some extra storage. Good size property backing onto upper james. As you can see someone tried their hand at some decorative flames on the house. Lots of neighbors around but never bothered with me while taking the pictures since house is listed.

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

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Address: 2958-3156 Homestead Drive, Hamilton, ON L0R 1W0, Canada
Province: Ontario

oldmann66 says:
7/12/2016 2:08:46 PM

This old house has been torn down and a new one has taken its place.

oldmann66 says:
5/12/2016 3:41:40 PM

Yes Motleykiwi there is a new house there now. I knew the people that were to the south of the old house and the new house owners got the property for a song and dance. and ended up tearing down the old house and built the ugly new one there

Motleykiwi says:
1/20/2016 4:49:00 PM

Looking on Google Maps, there's a brand new house here now.

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