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Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd

Ontario : Aurora
Location #1596

Location Owner:don
Creation Date: 5/28/2010
Last Updated: 7/19/2012

This house has been boarded up for quite some time. Mostly still intact from vandals, however all glass is gone, and some holes in the walls inside. (the most likely reason its still in good shape, is that it is difficult to reach, as you have to cross a swampy creek). And thanks to cook9922, we now have interior shots. Thanks Dude :)

Decided to make the location known to all (google maps appear exact), so anyone can check it out before it is most likely torn down, making way for new homes. (do developers have no soul, and know no bounds?)

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

2014 Visit
Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd
Created on:4/12/2017
Created by: sapber
3 photos
Four Summers Ago
Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd
Created on:5/8/2015
Created by: Drifting_pablo
11 photos
Young Turkey Vulture
Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd
Created on:7/19/2012
Created by: cook9922
1 photos
Hill House
Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd
Created on:8/21/2010
Created by: cook9922
10 photos
Hill House - St. Johns Sdrd
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: don
9 photos

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Province: Ontario

missdollanganger says:
1/31/2013 12:49:12 PM

Makes me sad they're going to tear this down. Aurora and Newmarket is becoming such a hotbed for new development!

don says:
7/19/2012 5:15:12 PM

Yeah, that still-living thanksgiving dinner does not look happy, lol.

cook9922 says:
7/19/2012 12:48:26 PM

The is a farmhouse a bit further East of this house, from there you can walk along the farm trail to this house without having to go over the creek. If you do get in, I would advise to be very careful if you go upstairs, as there is a family of turkey vultures living in the attic, and they do not like having company

timo explorer says:
8/31/2011 7:49:03 PM

This house has been declared a building of historical importance. Know as the Enos-Lundy house, it is the oldest surviving house in Aurora. check out this link for more details: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=8927&pid=0

don says:
10/19/2010 11:52:55 AM

yeah. theres only one place u can cross the creek with minimal risk of getting wet.

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