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High Heels & Homegrown

Located in: Lambton County
Location #10505

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Location Owner:crazycarclub
Creation Date: 6/4/2014
Last Updated: 6/4/2014

Typical looking yellow brick farmhouse that appears to be a recent abandonment. Calender inside from 2013. Lots of belongings left behind even a pink hot tub that was never installed. In a kitchen cupboard sits an open loaf of bread that doesn't look moldy yet. Awaiting me in an upstairs bedroom was the reminents of a growroom. Unsure if there was a basement as i left breifly after my upstairs discovery.

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Status: Demolished
Category: House or Farm


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    mobileworks says:
    6/7/2014 9:15:15 AM

    probably not RM, they wouldn.t leave any evidence and the house would be dozed, I think, to prevent any further infractions.

    RogerM says:
    6/4/2014 7:06:39 PM

    Was this a part of the recent waves of drug busts?

    ground state says:
    6/4/2014 6:14:04 PM

    Gorgeous place. No way that it got this grungy in only 1 year. Maybe the calendar was just a recent addition so they could keep track of which Petrolia street-corners they were using on which date for dimebag sales.

    Finz519 says:
    6/4/2014 5:56:58 PM

    Wicked find dude! It'll be nice seeing this one go through the years.

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