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Hidden 401 Gem

Ontario : Woodstock
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Location Owner:ladyoftheflowers
Creation Date: 8/4/2013
Last Updated: 8/26/2013

When I was driving home on the 401, I was looking off in the distance and saw this house reflecting the sunset off of all but one window - a good hint that it was abandoned. I decided to drive down the side road it was on and was quite happily surprised with what I discovered.

I'm not really sure what's going on with this place - clearly, no one lives here, but it looks like the barn may be used for storage.
It also seems like they were in the process of demolishing the place, and just gave up for whatever reason, or they're trying to salvage materials as the place falls in on itself.
Or... rather, I came in the middle of the demolition. I can't wrap my head around why they were destroying such a beautiful home, though. It doesn't make sense. Plus it was done in a very strange way.. uploaded a gallery of the demolished result. Not the best lighting but you can get the idea.

Gutted houses are ones that I'm most cautious exploring, so there aren't any pictures of the upstairs. Last thing I wanted was to fall through the floor - and it seemed likely. Wish I risked it after I saw the place in a pile of rubble though!

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Status: Demolished | Category: House or Farm

Hidden 401 Gem
Created on:8/26/2013
Created by: ladyoftheflowers
5 photos
Early August 2013
Hidden 401 Gem
Created on:8/4/2013
Created by: ladyoftheflowers
23 photos

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Address: 524758-524890 Curry Road, Woodstock, ON N4S 7V6, Canada
Province: Ontario

ladyoftheflowers says:
8/20/2013 1:31:24 PM

Sad news.. tried looking for this place again while I was on the this place may be nothing but rubble now. Will take a better look later this week.

PhotographicTime says:
8/5/2013 9:57:24 PM

Nice Location, Gotta check it out myself.

ladyoftheflowers says:
8/5/2013 12:55:26 AM

Ah, darn! Hopefully it will still be up the next time you're around :)

OAP says:
8/5/2013 12:54:33 AM

Geez I just came back from Woodstock, now you post this :)

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