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Heron Bay (ghost town)

Ontario : Thunder Bay District
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Creation Date: 2/4/2017
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Little unknown town of the name Heron Bay North and South. Owned by Ontario Paper Co. It had a school, 2 churches, a curling rink, a little hospital, a post office, machine shop, electrical shop and firehall combined. It also had a movie theater, where 25 cents would get you admission, pop and popcorn.

In Heron Bay North, there was a hotel, general store and clothing store. The town started to go downhill when the Ontario Paper Company moved their offices and staff to Manitouwadge. In 1970, the company moved the townfolk to Maniouwadge. The Ontario Paper Co. made a new townsite in Manitouwadge for most of their employees.

The houses from Heron Bay South were sold, some were moved to Marathon and the rest were demolished. The entire town of Heron Bay South was completely demolished by 1971. Only a few foundations still remain like the machine shop foundation is still there with the old piston for the hoist still in it.

Modern photos coming in the spring!!

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Address: Heron Bay, ON P0T, Canada
Province: Ontario

spydrgyrl says:
1/27/2018 4:55:00 PM

My partner's mother was from Heron Bay. Sad to see a community die off... :'(

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