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Haunted Grave Yard

Located in: Ottawa
Location #14025

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Location Owner:Ayatana
Creation Date: 10/1/2016
Last Updated: 10/1/2016



Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
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Status: Abandoned
Category: Cemetery

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stone graves
Haunted Grave Yard
Created on:10/1/2016
Created by: Ayatana
3 photos

timo explorer says:
10/2/2016 3:34:24 PM

Interesting history here.

Cerulean says:
10/2/2016 9:53:51 AM

I've never seen a burying ground like this. Very eerie.

fiso says:
10/2/2016 9:52:20 AM

There is no much information available (a couple a pretty good videos too) on this site. I added a link but, for historic sites like this, it is of tremendous value to all of us to add a synopsis of the place.

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