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Grant (Ghost Town)

Ontario : Prescott-Russell
Location #1980

Location Owner:bartenberg
Creation Date: 9/20/2010
Last Updated: 11/29/2014

Abandoned village of Grant. Located on Grant Road North East of Limoges in the "Municipalite De La Nation" of "Prescott and Russell County".

Only remains are foundations of former church, built in 1892 and nearby school from 1872, plus a cemetery in the middle of a forest. There was once a post office and cheese factory as well. The town sustained heavy fire damage in Oct 1897 due to an brush clearing exercise gone disaster by the nearby railroad clearing crews.

Grant was founded in an area of sandy soil not suitable for agriculture. It became a dust bowl before the 1920s. As new generations could not farm, nor get an education beyond grade 8 from the one room schoolhouse, families began to move away.

Agricultural representative, Ferdinand Larose suggested purchasing farms and begin a planting program to stabilize the soil resulting in the second largest man-made forest in the world; the Larose Forest. This is why the cemetery of Grant is now surrounded by forest.

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Grant (Ghost Town)
Grant cemetery
Created by: Navi-Gatr

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)
Grant (Ghost Town)
Created by: bartenberg

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)

Grant (Ghost Town)


Status: Abandoned
Category: Ghost Town


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