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Gated Driveway Foundation

Ontario : Welland
Location #4420

Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 4/6/2012
Last Updated: 6/21/2018

A beautifully bricked and gated entrance (in the town of Port Robinson) west of the Welland Canal. The long driveway extends south to a large, rectangular, raised foundation. Two features indicate that there may be an interesting past use here: the hydro poles flanking the driveway and the curved roof (no longer present) that can be seen on the current satellite imagery (click the tab on the map below) shot of this location. If any locals know of the history of this foundation, please leave comments and I will update the location description with your information.

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Long Driveway (2018)
Gated Driveway  Foundation
Created on:6/21/2018
Created by: ghostwithagun
8 photos
The whole place
Gated Driveway  Foundation
Created on:4/6/2013
Created by: drunkenmunky420
18 photos
Gated driveway
Gated Driveway  Foundation
Created on:10/2/2012
Created by: kev7716
4 photos
Port Robinson Foundation
Gated Driveway  Foundation
Created on:4/6/2012
Created by: ground state
6 photos


Status: Abandoned
Category: Foundations


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trailblazer519 says:
7/30/2013 1:32:05 AM

From what I understand - if a person is interested in buying an abandoned property with back taxes or arrears owing on it.. the property/dwelling owner is contacted (if there is one) and they then have 2 years to re-claim it or loose it to the interested party..

maxman says:
7/30/2013 12:44:44 AM

Then does the city of Thorol own the property?

I'm just wondering if it could be bought by paying back taxes on it.

ground state says:
7/29/2013 11:30:31 PM

No, it is within Thorold. Weird boundaries out here - I always thought it was Welland too. All of Port Robinson falls under City of Thorold.

maxman says:
7/29/2013 3:06:20 PM

So, does the city of Welland own the property?

drunkenmunky420 says:
4/6/2013 6:25:14 PM

Looks like the story on this place was that it was build improperly and without proper drawing or building permits. So I am guessing after all that went down they made them tear it down.

kev7716 says:
10/2/2012 3:54:34 PM

Didn't have time to go down the driveway but will in the future.

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On 6/21/2018 10:28:53 PM user ghostwithagun uploaded photos : Snapchat-1235687774.jpg / Snapchat-528090497.jpg / Snapchat-1210244242.jpg / Snapchat-1046288407.jpg / Snapchat-1220509916.jpg / Snapchat-1264835010.jpg / Snapchat-2081526747.jpg / Snapchat-2139944396.jpg / to SID: 621201819226
On 6/21/2018 10:22:30 PM user ghostwithagun created gallery : Long Driveway (2018)
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On 4/6/2013 5:39:24 PM user drunkenmunky420 uploaded photos : P1010547e.jpg / P1010548e.jpg / to SID: 46201316437
On 4/6/2013 5:05:25 PM user drunkenmunky420 created gallery : The whole place
On 10/2/2012 3:53:01 PM user kev7716 uploaded photos : 001.JPG / 002.JPG / 003.JPG / 005.JPG / to SID: 4420kev74924
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On 4/6/2012 10:04:30 PM user ground state created gallery : Port Robinson Foundation
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