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Gambling on the green

Located in: USA
Location #11145

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Location Owner:TameExplot
Creation Date: 9/23/2014
Last Updated: 9/23/2014


THE Tribag Mining operation was basically known as a prospecting area as drilling and surveying had only bin accomplish here. Throughout its own history several companies took pride in finding the copper resource. One of the major producers of this area was strongly known as the Tribag Mining Company. The Tribag Mining Company had spent a lot of its own money towards their own prospecting journey of Tribag Mine prospect. Much of the work includes digging an adit for further drill explorations on the north side of the Breccia zone The reason for creating this 294 foot exploration adit was because drilling samples from the surface had indicated low grade copper ore. By 1966 the Tribag Mining Co Ltd had continue their own operations by drilling 3 diamond drill holes which total 604 feet. By the end of it all the Tribag Mining Company Co Ltd was officially out of the business as no resources became discovered from these sampling. Soon enough the prospect site became lapsed which gave another company a shot of find some type of ore discovery. The New Senator- Rouyn Ltd soon claim this site and started their own testing's. This small scale resource company claim this area in 1969 and conducted their own drillings of three diamond drill holes totaling 1207 feet. Although no ore was discovered so company officials didn't continue on any further. Soon enough the mine was once again reclaim by the Tribag Mining Co Lrd for further drill explorations but once again had turn out with nothing. Only a low grade copper, silver, Zinc, and a Molybdenum discovery was made but it wasn't worth starting a full scale mining operation.

Created By Blain, Dan, and Paul - September 2014

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Status: Abandoned
Category: Mine

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    Flushed Away
    Gambling on the green
    Created on:9/24/2014
    Created by: TameExplot
    17 photos

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