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GCI Amphitheater

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City: Cambridge
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Status: Abandoned
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Created By:princessninja
Creation Date: 5/16/2019
Last Updated: 2/17/2020
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Built in 1978 using a combination of donations, fundraisers and provincial money, the GCI amphitheater was a sight to behold, with wheelchair ramps for access, a fairly big stage, many rows of seating and lights being installed. Being behind one of the biggest schools in the area, the amphitheater was used for almost anything you can imagine. But, starting in 2009 after its closure, it started to deteriorate. Vandals destroyed the electrical systems, graffiti appeared everywhere and a combination of that and school neglect lead the whole place to decay. Today, the ramps are closed off due to multiple boards breaking and creating a huge hazard, and there is currently a campaign in the school to rebuild the theater to preserve the history.

The current stairs are still rotting, but if you use common sense you should be ok.

February 2020
GCI Amphitheater
Created on:2/17/2020
Created by: Kays2523
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Be careful of needles
GCI Amphitheater
Created on:9/12/2019
Created by: sdunphy33
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Rotting Away
GCI Amphitheater
Created on:5/16/2019
Created by: princessninja
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Herbyshire 8/22/2019 9:07:11 AM

Very neat location, someone was playing guitar on the stage after when I was here.

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