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Foxmead (ghost town)

Ontario : Severn Township
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Creation Date: 8/3/2009
Last Updated: 10/4/2015

Foxmead was a ghost town throughout the 1900's but newer homes in the area has brought the population back. Uhthoff is the sister ghost town of Foxmead. Both villages became ghost towns after the Midland Railway lines and CPR lines were lifted. Foxmead is marked by signs while Uhthoff is not.

Foxmead was named after settlers John Fox and John Mead. Others settled the area like: James Hadden and WB Strathearn. It peaked in 1890 as the village grew to include a school, church, shingle and saw mill, a lime kiln, blacksmith, a post office and a pop. of 100. By 1900 it was in decline. By 1940 the post office and store moved to nearby Bradley Corners. This became the "new" Foxmead- as the old village site was removed (including the train station- in 1970). East of the former railway lines there are vague depressions where the old village once stood- 2.5 kms east of the new Foxmead.

Take Hwy 12. north from Orillia to Dunn's Line and turn right. Then take next right at Foxmead Rd. to the next intersection. This is the new Foxmead. Go further east to the school and then past to the 2 old railway trail lines..The first railway trail with the "Foxmead" sign was part of the original town site. I have added new photos taken here Apr. 2010.

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Address: Trans-Canada Trail, Severn, ON L0K, Canada
Province: Ontario

clay70 says:
7/2/2013 9:26:56 PM

you will have walked right by the foundations of the post office, saw mill and train station...very hard to see in summer with higher grass...

Niblem says:
6/21/2013 10:38:26 AM

Just took a stroll down this trail. "Ghost Town" doesn't really cut it. It's just a trail to two present day working farms. Lovely for a little hike for us, but disappointing if you're looking for abandoned buildings. The history of these little unknown towns is quite interesting, but I've been to more exciting historical areas.

punchbowl says:
1/27/2012 6:03:18 PM

Very interesting read & pictures!!!!!!!!!!! well done!

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