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Fort Erie Race Track Stables

Ontario : Fort Erie
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Location Owner:ground state
Creation Date: 7/30/2012
Last Updated: 7/30/2012

NOTE: This thread is currently "public" as permission was obtained to photograph the site. This area is clearly marked "No Trespassing". If any of these photos violate Nordic Gaming Corporation limitations, please leave private mail and they will be removed.

From its beginnings in 1897, the Fort Erie Race Track has always been a special place. Its beauty has been well documented with aesthetics second to none. Great Canadian champions have raced at the "Fort", providing race enthusiasts with thrills and life long memories.

On December 31st, 2012, this will all come to an end. In June it was announced that the Fort Erie Race Track would close at the end of the year following the decision of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that slot machines would be removed from the site.

There is no argument that the racetrack is Fort Erie's largest employer, and that the December closure will be devastating to a city that is already suffering greatly. Some areas surrounding the track have already become abandoned. A group of older stables to the west of the current racetrack property make up this DB listing. The area is shown on the right-hand side of the satellite imagery photo in the gallery. Two large stables, an old storage garage and an overgrown race-track make up this site.

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Fort Erie Racetrack Stables
Fort Erie Race Track Stables
Created on:7/30/2012
Created by: ground state
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Address: Entrance off of Thompson Road
Province: Ontario

pam says:
6/29/2019 2:53:38 PM

Its been a while since this has been updated, how would i update it.

Heather389 says:
8/26/2014 12:01:44 PM

Sad to say i use to work at the race track and i worked in the first barn across the street. it's heart renching to see that these two barns are like this now. thanks for sharing and posting :D

SuperSonic says:
4/7/2013 4:24:46 PM

i just saw this on google maps while looking for a site (which I may have found).

punchbowl says:
8/1/2012 4:23:37 PM

What can I say great puctures!!!!!!!!!!!! - I went to this race track with my grandmother!! - great memories!!! - another part of Ontario ruined by the McGuinty Government!!! l

quiksilver says:
7/30/2012 9:43:14 PM

Good job on this spot for sure, awesome pics and a great write up about its history. Thanks man, good work once again.

timo explorer says:
7/30/2012 7:07:41 PM

Excellent photos and write-up. Thanks Dalton for destroying another part of this once prosperous province.

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