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Formerly Abandoned Inn

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Located in: Huron Shores
Location #1570

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Location Owner:TalkingWallsPhotography
Creation Date: 5/19/2010
Last Updated: 5/19/2010

The Village Inn appeared to be boarded up upon our initial visit. However we were able to find one way inside much to our delight.

It is in immaculate shape but the local youths are slowly trashing it.

It contains an indoor pool, restaurant and bar.

Note that there is an alarm system and the OPP have been called out on a few occasions.

As of May 2010 new owners have purchased the property and the business is back in business.

Abandoned houses may be dangerous! Read the LEGAL DISCLAIMER.
Always obtain permission before entering someone else's property.

Status: Active
Category: Motel/Hotel

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Formerly Abandoned Inn
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: TalkingWallsPhotography
26 photos

puzzel says:
3/11/2013 9:13:19 AM
it has reopen
jeepdad says:
8/8/2010 6:39:58 PM
Nope, not in Renfrew. I knew the previous owners before they sold it a few years ago. Was a nice place to eat too. I'm the one who installed the alarm for them as well (when I used to live that way). Shame to see it going this route.
drewster says:
7/12/2010 12:24:42 PM
If this is the one thats almost next to a OPP station in renfrew then its being torn down now....
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