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Forgotten Pioneer Homestead

Ontario : Thunder Bay District
Location #11153

Location Owner:GEM1982
Creation Date: 9/26/2014
Last Updated: 9/26/2014

This is an abandoned pioneer homestead in Gorham Township. The dead-end road becomes a caribou trail about 250m south of the buildings, this property no longer has an address or road access. I parked my car at the dead end turn-around and walked in from there. The house is barely visible from the trail, it is hidden among a dense stand of spruce trees. The main house is a large pioneer style log home that has a chimney in the center and a loft. This building was basically empty except for a shopping cart. Interesting support beams support this loft area, I didn't see any stairs or ladder. An addition was built on to this house at a later time, and the floor of this part of the house is rotten completely. The roof is metal, which has helped to preserve the building. There are a few outbuildings on the property in varying states of decay. The sauna and shed buildings near the house are in pretty good shape. A collapsed log-style structure located in a field about 100m north of the house is in much worse shape. This may have been a barn. There is a field about an acre in size located just southwest of the barn.

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Address: 349-527 Onion Lake Dam Road, Thunder Bay, Unorganized, ON P0T, Canada
Province: Ontario

GEM1982 says:
9/27/2014 11:59:29 PM

I love finding these old pioneer places! Sometimes I find a disappointing pile of rubble or a foundation when I get there, other places are in remarkably good condition for their age. I am fascinated by this time period and the traces that people left behind.

sinkourswim says:
9/27/2014 10:02:51 AM

Amazing. I didn't realize just how many pioneer style homes where still standing (or partially standing lol)

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