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Foley (ghost community)

Ontario : Oshawa
Location #752

Location Owner:clay70
Creation Date: 7/11/2009
Last Updated: 3/15/2010

This small post office community was once located on Lots 4 and 5 in Concession 4 of the Township of East Whitby. Today, this is located in the City Of Oshawa at the corner of Harmony Rd. and Conlin Rd. It was named after J. Foley a property owner in the area.

In 1874, farmers in East Whitby formed a club called the Foley Farm Club. Members met at various locations in the township in order to discuss topics of interest to farmers and to engage in debates. The community was also known as "Williamson"- named after its first post master.

Foley supposedly had approximately 150 inhabitants in 1873 (in its postal confines). It was shown on the 1877 Belden atlas map of East Whitby (check map below). A post office was in operation here between July 1863 and December 1909. The new rural route mail delivery service offered by the Royal Mail (Canada Post) came to the area shortly after the post office's closing.

Most of the community's homes existed on the east side of Harmony Rd. just south of Conlin Rd. from 1870 up until the 1980s. Now there is nothing there but a field. The Kedron area was also part of the Foley post office confines.

1869 Info includes this: Population about 125.

Armstrong, T., blacksmith Maxwell, Mrs., hotel keeper
Bain, Wm., farmer McGaw, T. and W., farmer
Bathy, C., farmer McNeil & Guilford, farmers, &c.
Carfeild, C., farmer Parker, J., blacksmith
Cronk, J., farmer Pascoe, E., farmer
Currie, G., gentleman Phoenix, M., laborer
Daman, L., agent Ray, J., senr., farmer
Dodge, W., farmer Ray, J., junr., farmer
Fox, J., senr., gentleman Ray, W., farmer
Fox, J., junr., farmer Scott, W., senr., farmer
Friend, T., farmer Scott, W., junr., gentleman
Glaspie, M., farmer Scott, T., farmer
Gould, J., senr., farmer Scott, M., teacher
Gould, J., junr., farmer Sheppard, H., teacher
Gould, G., farmer Sparks, J., farmer
Hallat, W., farmer Stephenson , Mrs. farmer
Harmony, J., farmer Thomas, R., farmer
Hepudy, W., farmer Undyke, D., farmer
Hickell, A., farmer Walters, J., farmer
Hill, H., farmer Weeks, G., farmer
Hill, J., laborer Weeks, T., farmer
Kerr, A., shoemaker Willard, W., pedler
Lewis, J., wagonmaker WILLIAMSON, THOS., Postmaster
Manning, Mrs., farmer and Shoe maker

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Holy Foley
Foley (ghost community)
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: clay70
6 photos
Kedron was part of Foley
Foley (ghost community)
Created on:6/30/2010
Created by: spydrgyrl
16 photos


Status: Demolished
Category: Ghost Town

http://www.collectionscanada.g Foley Post Office Notes


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Asher Deist says:
5/29/2013 10:52:18 PM

Drove past this today. Just a vacant lot, not even rubble. Google street view also confirms.

spydrgyrl says:
7/20/2011 9:33:45 AM

I totally believe you, soulsen .. I was shocked as well. What a waste! :(

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