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Fingerboard/ Port Hoover

Ontario : Kawartha Lakes
Location #539

Location Owner:OAP
Creation Date: 2/1/2009
Last Updated: 3/14/2011

Fingerboard was located just north of a major port called Port Hoover, the name belonging to early settlers, Thomas and Dan Hoover in 1850. Mr. Hoover was the first postmaster when the post office opened there in 1853. When the post office's new postmaster, Thomas Moase, got the postal contract in 1881 it opened under the new name of Fingerboard, which was just north.

(According to Dr. A. E. Vrooman, of Lindsay, who practiced in Mariposa for years, residing at Little Britain, older residents of the Township always referred to the area as "The Fingerboard" because there used to be a sign board at the four corners, made in the form of a hand and pointed finger, hence the finger board.)

Port Hoover was on the northern shore of Lake Scugog, today where Newmans Beach sits. It started as a transfer point for timber and farm produce bound for Port Darlington on Lake Ontario. The goods crossed on schooners to Caesarea, and then south along the Scugog Rd. Settlers began arriving in the 1850's. Of the settlers, George Shell was the blacksmith, Tiers & Yerex were dry good dealers and Edward Vetch operated the Steamboat Hotel. The Steamboat Hotel would provide overnight comfort for travelers making their way along Lake Scugog.

By the 1870's, Port Hoover and Fingerboard had two weavers and a carpenter. D. Hoover & Company employed many local residents in their steam, saw, and shingle mills.

Despite its promising beginning, by 1880 it declined since better roads and railways linked Port Perry with the port of Oshawa, which was a more efficient way to transport goods.

As steamers became less popular, the community of Port Hoover faded from the map. The Fingerboard post office closed in 1913 as rural route delivery became the new way to reach rural areas of Southern Ontario. Mrs. Conlin Sillar was the last postmistress.

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Fingerboard/ Port Hoover
Created by: clay70

Fingerboard/ Port Hoover

Fingerboard/ Port Hoover

Fingerboard/ Port Hoover

Fingerboard/ Port Hoover


Status: Unknown
Category: Ghost Town


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clay70 says:
6/22/2009 8:11:23 PM

Port Hoover was located at what is called today "Newmans Beach". It did have a population according to the old Mariposa Township map. Fingerboard, however, was located 2 concessions west and 1 concession north. It appears on modern maps but is unsigned on the roads there (since it has disappeared of course). The 2 hamlets obviously were connected by a close proximity.

ser65 says:
1/31/2009 11:20:57 PM

My Ex inlaws had a cottage on hoover point.The people that owned the house at the tip of the point, their name was the mose's Bruce was in his late 80's when he passed away and his wife still lives in the house that they rebuilt. Bruce went to the school house that was at the top of point hover road and finger board road. The cottages now are houses that people live in all year round. There us

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