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Fawn Bay

Ontario : Ramara
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Fawn Bay can be found on the eastern shores of Lake Couchiching, south of Longford Mills.

Not much is known about the community. In 1874 a post office opened under the name of Fawn. The local storekeeper and carpenter was Leonard Wilson. There was a Methodist Church and a Temperance Hall. By 1895 the settlement had grown to three stores and approximately 300 residents (including the outlying areas). The Rama Indian Reserve existed just north back then as well.

Today this area is on Grays and Hopkins Bay of Lake Couchiching.

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Province: Ontario

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/29/2012 8:32:43 AM

In 1866, the Monck Road was built between Lake Couchiching and the Hastings Road, under the supervision of John Allan Snow. Later, Snow superintended the construction of the Dawson Road from the Lake of the Woods to Upper Fort Garry and was involved with events that led to the Red River Rebellion.

WrecksdaleWreck says:
10/29/2012 8:19:19 AM

There are many sites of historic interest in Rama (the north portion of Ramara) township. Fawn post office was established 2 years after the railway was built through the area. By 1905 Fawn post office was renamed Rama Road after the fromer Rama Road post office closed.

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